3D Scanning with Xbox One Kinect V2 

To make the 3D printing even more interesting i desided to build my own 3D scanner out of an Xbox Kinect.

It was not as easy to make it work as al the guides on the internet said it would be. But after some trail and errors here is my setup.

The Scanner it self


Made out of an Xbox Kinect V2.

It had to be modified abit to actually work on a PC with windows 10 installed on it.

Ither you go and buy a adapter for it that just work out of the box for around £60.

Or you do i my way "the cheap way" and crack it open and solder on a power supply cable on the PCB and then use a 12V DC adapter with atleast 2A of power.

You also need to buy a USB 3 to USB-A 3 cable and have that USB 3 conected to a intel chipset or PCI-E hostboard.



Programs i use


First of is the SDK Browser kinect V2 from microsoft. 

This program have alot of testing and sampeling programs. Best of them are the Kinect Fusion Explorer-WPF. Here you can do a fast and live scan with the kinect and right away export it to mesh or STL. 


Next program is Kscan3D.

This program takes picuters and autoalign them togheter and from that convert to a mesh or STL files.


Some of the mesh need to be edited before its at it full potetial for a good print. Therefor i use ither Meshlab and sculptris. Here you can modify make that extra fine tutch to the model befor printing.

Where to use the 3D scanner


Most of the scanes are of humans. And to make them a nice 3D printed selfi.

But the scanner have alot more potetial then just scaning for selfi. How about making a wrist protetion for a bow, or maby a prosthesis arm, hand leg etc that fit you own need perfekt. 

Alot of cosplayers out there wold dream of having a 3D scanner to scan serten armor or weapons and do a reconstruction of them to fit there needs.