RepRap Prusa i3 Rework

The printer

Most major Prusa i3 Frame Styles fall into two categories: the Single Sheet Frame, and the Box Style Frame. The Single Sheet Frame is designed to be manufactured through the use of a Laser cutter, WaterJet, or CNC Mill / Router Table. There are two current development tracks within the Single Sheet Frame, an Aluminium frame style, and a gusseted Wood frame style. Both are designed to support 6mm or thicker framing material. Both the EiNSTeiN variant and the i3 Rework designs use single sheet aluminum frames, as do most kits. The Box Style Frame, on the other hand, is designed to be easily manufactured at home with basic woodworking tools. The Y

axis for both frame styles is similar to that of the older Prusa Mendel Iteration 2.


Quality of the prints

The quality depends on the type of material to use and to the printing speed, layer height and nozzle diameter. The longer the print takes the better quality you get. The best my printer can do is 0,1mm layer hight and i use betwin 0,3-0,5mm nozzle depends on what type of print im looking for. If ther is alot of space to fill in with material i go for 0.5mm nozzle. and if there is alot of small i quality prints i go for the smaller 0,3 nozzle.


Controlling the printer

I use a open software called Octoprint to controll the printer and to be able to see progress off the printer in a webinterface. With Octoprint i can controll the printer from an tablet, phone or PC. Octoprint runs on a Rasberry Pi 2 and is connected to the home WiFi witch make it easy to access in my hobby room. If the printer is up and running you can watch the webcam and the interface on the following link " lindh3dprinter "